The Issue

The danger from airborne viruses is real and omnipresent. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again made this clear to us. Such pandemics have already cost millions of lives in the past, not to mention the economic consequences. But it is not just life-threatening infections that have a huge impact on our life. It is also everyday illnesses, such as a common cold, that cost healthcare systems huge sums of money and cause great damage to the economy through the sick leave they cause.

We would be much better protected against airborne infections if we could improve the protective layer of the human respiratory tract just a little.

– Dr. Marius Hittinger, Co-Founder

The natural protection

Our airways are covered by a protective layer of mucus. This is the first line of defense against airborne pathogens. It is very effective and prevents countless times a day germs from reaching the underlying cell layer and making us ill. Instead, they are trapped in the mucus and transported by the movement of the cilia through the throat into the stomach, where they are digested. Unfortunately, this barrier is not perfect. Due to their so-called virulence factors, some pathogens can overcome the mucus layer and make us ill.

The solution: We boost the natural mucus barrier

At MucosaTec GmbH, we developed a unique new concept to boost the natural barrier function of mucus against viruses by utilizing bifunctional proteins of natural origin. These proteins can be imagined as connecting elements: One end anchors itself in the mucus, the other end captures the virus. In this way, the virus is successfully anchored and intercepted within the mucus. The captured virus is then transported naturally to the stomach, where it is destroyed by stomach acid. This prevents both infection and transmission to other people.

Nasal Spray

Based on this concept, MucosaTec GmbH is currently developing a broadly effective nasal spray against various flu viruses.

After extensive and successful preclinical and clinical tests, this nasal spray will find its way onto the market to protect as many people as possible from the flu.