Boosting the natural barrier function of mucus

MucosaTec GmbH – The mucus engineering company improves human mucus to fight pathogens


As Team MucBoost we reached the final stage of the SPRIND Challenge: “Broad Spectrum Antivirals

If we overcome the weakness of mucus with virus-binding proteins, we will equip mucus with an evolutionary upgrade.

– Prof. Daniel Lauster, Co-Founder


We would be much better protected against airborne infections if we could improve the protective layer of the human respiratory tract just a little.

– Dr. Marius Hittinger, Co-Founder

The viscous mucus that coats the human airways is the first line of defense against airborne pathogens. Although very effective, this layer is not capable of stopping all invading pathogens. Some can pass this barrier and infect us.

At MucosaTec GmbH, we developed a unique new concept to boost the natural barrier function of mucus against viruses by utilizing bi-specific proteins of natural origin. These proteins act as connecting elements: one end anchors in the mucus, while the other end captures virus. In this way, the virus is successfully anchored and intercepted within the mucus. The virus, along with the mucus, is then transported by the cilia on the mucous membrane through the throat into the stomach, where it is destroyed by stomach acid.

MucosaTec GmbH was founded in 2023 as part of the SPRIND Challenge “Broad Spectrum Antivirals” by two members and the head of Team MucBoost. Spread over two locations, Berlin and Schiffweiler, Saarland, Germany, MucosaTec GmbH not only promotes supra-regional cooperation, but also brings industry and academic research closer together.


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