MucosaTec GmbH – the mucus engineering company

Our mission is to enhance the protective properties of the mucus layer with our innovative concept, protecting people from respiratory infections.

Our first product, a broadly effective nasal spray against various influenza viruses, is currently in the preclinical development phase.

History of MucosaTec GmbH

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened humanity’s eyes. There is an urgent need for broadly effective antiviral therapeutics that are immediately available and readily adaptable. For this reason, the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation SPRIND (Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovationen) launched the broad-spectrum antivirals challenge in 2021. Competing against 10 other teams, Team MucBoost’s highly innovative idea fought its way through to the final. MucosaTec GmbH was created as a spin-off of this challenge and is now set to bring Team MucBoost’s successful concept to the market – in the form of a broad-spectrum nasal spray against flu viruses.

Company Location

MucosaTec GmbH is spread over two locations with the Head quarter, Formulation and Analytics in Schiffweiler and R&D and Manufacturing in Berlin. This division enables a large cooperation radius and ensures future collaboration between the partners established in MucBoost in industry and academic research.

MucosaTec Founders

Dr. Marius Hittinger

Dr. Anja Himmelstein

Prof. Daniel Lauster

MucosaTec Team

Team photo taken April 2024