MucosaTec wins BioRegions Innovation Prize 2024

The esteemed BioRegions Innovation Prize 2024 was proudly presented to the MucosaTec team. Our groundbreaking patent for bifunctional peptides showcases a revolutionary technology that offers a flexible and cost-effective approach to combating viral infections. These peptides bind to both pathogens and our mucus, effectively immobilizing pathogenes.

The award ceremony for this prestigious recognition took place during this year’s German Biotechnology Days in Berlin, where the winners were celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the field. This accolade, which includes three jury prizes and one audience
prize, each featuring a prize money reward of 2000 Euros, highlights Germany’s commitment to honoring and supporting innovative patents in biotechnology, bioeconomy, and medical technology. For 17 years, the BioRegions working group has been successfully assisting researchers in making their patented ideas visible, transforming their results into marketable products and even helping them establish their own companies.

The innovation and dedication shown by Dr. Anja Himmelstein and Dr. Marius Hittinger exemplify the spirit of advancement and entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector.